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Beowulf is a character with all qualities of Anglo-Saxon hero. He is strong, fearless, courageous, courageous, and arrogant.

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But whether these qualities are enough to make him the hero of today's standards. Heroes must not only outstand the body but also have the necessity of integrity, moral values, and actions without having to think for their own benefit. Beowulf has many heroic features, but he also has some drawbacks that make him feel he is not regarded as a hero in today's world. Comparing Beowulf with modern heroes When I think about contemporary heroes, all the soldiers who fight for my country must first come to mind. American soldiers and Beowulf both draw features A comparison between modern heroes and Beowulf Most of us have heard of modern heroes like Spiderman, Superman, Hulk.

American soldiers and Beowulf both draw features This article is a comparison of Beowulf and modern heroes. Today 's modern hero has similarities and differences with Anglo - Saxon heroes. Each of these two heroes has different value. They have a motive to fight for various reasons. Heroes of Anglo-Saxon are also different from modern heroes. An example of this comparison is band "U 2" and Beowulf's Bono. Modern heroes like Benoff, like Bono and Anglo - Saxon heroes, try to improve their society, but in different ways and for different reasons.

Anglo-Saxon Although there are differences, the comparison between Beowulf and Batman shows similarities between Anglo-Saxon heroes and modern heroes. Beowulf and Batman both have the power of heroism. We saw Beowulf's accomplishment in the above three fights. Meanwhile, Batman repeatedly attacked criminal groups of the movie "Batman.

Batman reflects the heroic spirit of Beowulf. Beowulf as a modern hero Many people have different ideas about what heroes are. Some people think this is courage and courage, and others think that the real definition of heroes is loyalty and slavery.

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However, few people can not agree with the men and women of the New York fire department as a hero role model. American soldiers and Beowulf both draw features Heroes like Superman have much in common with Beowulf even after more than a few centuries. Today's superheroes can behave like medieval Beowulf. However, many modern heroes use their wisdom rather than the power like Beowulf like Batman. Even modern heroes with much in common with Beowulf are different because they are social heroes of different value from the world that produced Beowulf, so it is different.

Modern heroes like Luke Skywalker and Frodo Baggins are heroic because they reject power and refuse to fight. Beowulf 's echo is still heard, but the modern world has its own hero type reflecting modern priorities. Modern works deal directly with the difference between Beowulf and modern heroes. Like Beowulf he wrote a very similar role in his epic.

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Boromir is a proud, proud, powerful warrior, like Beowulf. His greatest wish is to fight for his people. Boromir wishes to use One Ring as a weapon against the enemy, as Beowulf did. But such power aspirations will erode Boromir, even in good fights. He was destroyed by the ring.

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Humble Frodo Bagkins is the hero of this story. Frodo is a contemporary hero because he rejects power and fame and is satisfied with becoming an ordinary person. As Turkien's society has nuclear weapons, in his story, like Medieval Beowulf, it brought disastrous results. Beowulf is not suitable for the modern world.

In today's society it is difficult to know that other people can regard it as a hero. It requires special quality and other things to know that they can look up and follow without worrying that they will get lost. The contemporary hero I chose was not only to sacrifice my life for other people but also to fight for all the freedom. Last year, he fought overseas for all American lives, but he is also trying to free the Iraqi government and people. Yossarian has been classified as an outsider, even a cowardly, motivating individualist, even his unusual name. Meanwhile, Beowulf is an embody of "perfect" heroes A comparison between modern heroes and Beowulf Most of us have heard of modern heroes like Spiderman, Superman, Hulk.

Gardner's Grundel G defines himself by refusing to be affected by society and by accidentally destroying humans for his "unforgiving dogmatism". Glendell G claims his independence by ignoring the patterns humans use to identify and control him. Because humans can defeat Glendell G only by making stronger heroes than myself, heroes are a kind of.

Ferdowsi wrote Rustam, a hero who is a Zoroastrian religion of his time. It is belief in God and life after death.

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The writer has much in common with Rusutum's religion Islam and Zoroastrianism. Their beliefs about God in life are somewhat the same.

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Please fight for his country and his country. American soldiers and Beowulf both draw features What is the definition of true heroes? Many people are regarded as heroes for various reasons. Both Hercules and Beowulf are regarded as heroes. Beowulf is a great warrior living in the Viking era. Beowulf traveled the earth, fought against monsters and beasts and found money and fame. Hercules is also a great warrior, but he lives in the era of Greek gods.

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Hercules was born in God, but he was stolen as a baby and became deadly by his father, Buster Hedes. Their freighting thought of being discovered by the Gestapo was always on their minds. Naomi, Otto Frank, Kraler and Miep can be compared the setting, over coming obstacles, and how they put their own lives on the line for others without any hesitation. Knowing the outcome of the situation, from this comparison we can learn how important family really is and how we can lean on each other for support in times of need and realize they are always there for you no matter what the circumstance may be.

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In Long Distance Life the hero role was played by Naomi who went through many hardships such as: slavery, young, teenage pregnancy, suffering from the death of her husband and having to deal with a rebellious daughter, Esther, who, like her mother, unfortunately became pregnant at a young age. Although Naomi did not have to defeat any evil villains, she is still considered a hero as she fought to give her daughter the best life that she knew she could have.

She strived to protect her daughter from racism and slavery of black people by moving out of Detroit and into Spring Hope, North Carolina. Once Esther reached her rebellious stage being with an older, married man and getting pregnant by him Naomi never gave up on her.

She helped Esther raise her son and supported her while she searched for a descent, good, paying job. Naomi was not judged as a fighting hero, but was considered a hero because she helped her daughter discover herself and live a good life that she knew Esther deserved. In The Diary of Anne Frank, the setting changed immensely as Anne, her family and friends were put into a life and death situation. As the Nazis began occupying Holland, many Jews were being taken to concentration camps. There they would be brutally beaten and most likely killed.

There the two families feared being discovered by the Gestapo. If the Gestapo had found them they would be immediately taken to different concentration camps and chances were they would never see their families again. However, both these heroes had life changing acts that occurred in their lives. For instance, Naomi fought to give her daughter a better life than she had.