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As you can see, this is a complex question, and the better our question, the more interesting our answer. Either way, check that your introduction is focused entirely on answering this question. If your research question is a good one, your introduction will have an element of tension. The following introduction creates tension by asking how a novel can be both comical and terrifying at the same time:.

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Gabriel Syme, a neurotic poet and detective, infiltrates an anarchist cell only to discover that his fellow conspirators are all policemen. As you can see, the tension is resolved at the end: the odd mixture of comedy and nightmare is said to create an absurdity that for Chesterton points to God.

So ask yourself: does my introduction raise a problem? If it does, have I provided an adequate solution? When writing your essay, the introduction is often best saved for last. That also means that in revising your essay you will constantly have to fine tune the beginning: as your essay takes shape, the thesis will likely change with it. In addition, your introduction will become more specific over time. Notice that our two sample introductions start as close to the topic as possible. It often takes us a surprising amount of time to zoom in.

Essay Writing. These were the condemned men, due to be hanged within the next week or two. She had just poured me a cup of Earl Grey from her Japanese iron teapot, shaped like a little pumpkin; outside, two cardinals splashed in the birdbath in the weak Connecticut sunlight. Her white hair was gathered at the nape of her neck, and her voice was low. I nodded, and my heart knocked. Use the narrative strategy of delay: put off identifying your subject just long enough to pique your readers' interest without frustrating them. Though I have photographed them before, I have never heard them speak, for they are mostly silent birds.

Effective Essay Introductions

Lacking a syrinx, the avian equivalent of the human larynx, they are incapable of song. According to field guides the only sounds they make are grunts and hisses, though the Hawk Conservancy in the United Kingdom reports that adults may utter a croaking coo and that young black vultures, when annoyed, emit a kind of immature snarl. We face glowing white headlights of cars following us, our sneakers pressed against the back hatch door.

This is our joy--his and mine--to sit turned away from our moms and dads in this place that feels like a secret, as though they are not even in the car with us.


They have just taken us out to dinner, and now we are driving home. What I know for certain right now is that I love him, and I need to tell him this fact before we return to our separate houses, next door to each other. We are both five.

Briefly describe a process that leads into your subject. Ought not a doctor to observe his patients by any means and from any stance, that he might the more fully assemble evidence?

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So I stand in doorways of hospital rooms and gaze. Oh, it is not all that furtive an act. Those in bed need only look up to discover me. But they never do.

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Open with a riddle , joke, or humorous quotation , and show how it reveals something about your subject. Begin the first paragraph by allotting around general statements related to the topic without giving away specific details regarding the focus of the essay nor the specific topic itself; end the first paragraph by allotting around concluding statements for that particular paragraph and some general questions that aim to transition into the second paragraph, which is characterized by a more focused introduction of the specific topic of the research essay.

When writing a paper, one of the best things you can do is to spend time clearly defining what question you wish to answer.

Examples of Great Introductory Paragraphs

As much as possible, you need to find a narrowly defined question to which you can find and present clear answers. If you do not have any clear questions to choose from, I strongly recommend trying to create one out of the choices you have. Make sure to discuss it with an instructor before you get too far. The simpler and more direct you can make it the better. The next key aspect of a good introduction is to outline how you intend to prove your thesis statement briefly.

If you have a good outline for your paper, this should be easy enough. Again, keep your sentences clear and straightforward. Leave the seven syllable words and complex sentences to the graduate students, keep your paper as accessible and understandable as possible and you will get solid grades. Once you have completed your research into the topic you are writing about, you could include an observation you have made about the research.