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Speakers were unanimous in the view that marketing indeed needs significant reform. Marketing is intrusive. Productivity is down. People resent marketing.

Marketing has no seat at the table at the board level and top management. And we have an ethical and moral crisis. Other than that, I think we are in good shape. A moral dilemma. Customers often want products that are not good for them e. Second, many products may be acceptable to the customer but are harmful to society e. Advertising is ubiquitous across old and new media, and there is increasingly nowhere for customers to hide Johannson The image of marketing, far from strong to begin with, has taken a beating in recent years.

Summarizing his recent book, Jerry Wind suggested that new mental models are necessary to guide the thinking of marketing executives, practitioners, scholars, and journal editors Wind, Crook, and Gunther He questioned whether the narrow and deep focus in academic marketing research and modeling is of value to business executives.

Kay Lemon identified three key ways that marketers are myopic and thus fail. First, most marketers fail to take a long-term view.

Their typical focus is on short-term gains: improve sales this month, stock price this quarter, market share this week, shelf space compared with competitors. Second, marketers often fail to consider all relevant constituencies. Although many do a good job of considering current customers, they fail to consider the effect of marketing on those not directly in the tar-get market.

Third, marketers fail to appreciate their own strength and power. Marketing is infusing and transforming cultures around the world. Marketers must be mindful of how powerful their tools are and understand their short- and long-term effects on consumers. Marketing academics must teach students how to use that power responsibly. Demographic denial. Peter Drucker has identified the worldwide decline in birth rates as the number one issue that society faces today. David Wolfe highlighted two demographic trends.

1 Introduction and Way of Investigation

First, marketing has yet to come to terms with the reality that the majority of adults in the marketplace today are older than 40 years of age. Yet most marketing remains resolutely youth fixated. Wolfe suggested that marketers need to understand developmental psychology to appreciate how customers evolve continuously over their life spans. Second, around midlife, women begin to outnumber men quite significantly. However, most marketing today remains aggressively masculine in character and fails to speak effectively to women or aging men. Morpurgo Michael Little Foxes.

Bullied at school, nagged in Aunty Mays tenth-floor council flat, theres only one place ten-year-old Billy really feels alive - in the wilderness by the canal. There he watches a cygnet on the water and protects a family of fox cubs. Then his secret place is discovered and the fox family decimated.

The Positive Effect of Integration on Marketing Accountability and Performance Measurement Ability

Unwanted and unloved, Billy and the last fox run for their lives. Former Childrens Laureate Michael Morpurgo needs no introduction. He is one of the most successful childrens authors in the country, loved by children, teachers and parents alike. Michael has written more than forty books for children including the global hit War Horse, which was made into a Hollywood film by Steven Spielberg in He started the charity Farms for City Children in with his wife, Clare, aimed at relieving the poverty of experience many young children feel in inner city and urban areas.

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Michael is also a patron of over a dozen other charities. Living in Devon, listening to Mozart and working with children have provided Michael with the ideas and incentive to write his stories. Creating my presentation caused me more frustration than it usually does, probably because accountability is so difficult to define.

Even so, it seems that everyone has an opinion on the topic. Unfortunately I never found out what his suggestion was, because the translator was too busy telling me that she disagreed with his proposal. That marketing accountability is ill-defined was further highlighted by the diversity of opinions offered in the day's presentations.

Essay on Marketing

The range is probably best illustrated by two quotes used during the day: "You cannot manage what you cannot measure" and "not everything that can be counted counts, and not everything that counts can be counted. He dismissed the claims made on Accenture's Web site , that they are able to measure the return on marketing investment, as "a whole heap of rubbish.

This proposal echoes a question posed by my colleague Gordon Wyner a couple of years ago.

Trying to tie each dollar of marketing spend to immediate sales lift is often doomed before it is measured. Brands are built over years, not weeks.

Marketing Analysis : Marketing And Marketing

Only a minority of the investment in marketing translates directly and immediately into sales. While marketing helps to justify the beliefs people have about brands and it is those beliefs that give brands their value , the results may not be immediately apparent. Unless we take account of the mediating effect of what is already in people's heads, we will never get a complete understanding of the return on marketing investment, and even then, we may not be able to tie back the overall influence of marketing to specific marketing and sales channels.

Impact of social media marketing on consumer buying behaviour questionnaire

To my mind, the growing demand for transparency and accountability in marketing is completely at odds with the increasing fragmentation and complexity of the marketing world. This said, marketing must be productive and must offer credible measures of that productivity. But instead of trying to define productivity using existing metrics drawn from the balance sheet, we need to define productivity using metrics that actually relate to the ways in which brands are built. Had I been in the audience in Athens last week looking for definitive advice, I might well have been disappointed by the variety of opinions and lack of any clear recommendations on how to justify my marketing spend.

Each brand, category and country is different.

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You must define how your marketing activities build your brand and what outcomes you expect as a result. So what are your thoughts on this matter? What is your definition of marketing accountability? What do we need to measure and why? Please share your ideas. Show oldest on top Show newest on top.

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