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Adapting children into other relationships is a key emotional process of this stage. You will take on the parenting role and transition from being a member of a couple to being a parent. While you are still evolving as individuals, you and your partner are also becoming decision-makers for your family. Continuing to express your individuality while working well together as a couple results in a strong marriage. Your child's healthy development depends on your ability to provide a safe, loving, and organized environment. Children benefit when their parents have a strong relationship.

Caring for young children cuts into the amount of time you might otherwise spend alone or with your partner. If you did not fully develop some skills in previous phases, such as compromise for the good of the family, your relationship may be strained. For example, divorce or affairs may be more likely to occur during the years of raising young children if parents have not developed strong skills from earlier life stages.

But for those who have the proper tools, this can be a very rewarding, happy time, even with all of its challenges.

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Optimally, you develop as an individual, as a member of a couple, and as a member of a family. Specific goals when young children join your family are:. Parenting teenagers can be a rough time for your family and can test your relationship skills. It's also a time for positive growth and creative exploration for your entire family.

Families that function best during this period have strong, flexible relationships developed through good communication, problem solving, mutual caring, support, and trust. Most teens experiment with different thoughts, beliefs, and styles, which can cause family conflict. Your strengths as an individual and as part of a couple are critical as you deal with the increasing challenges of raising a teenager.

Strive for a balanced atmosphere in which your teenager has a sense of support and emotional safety as well as opportunities to try new behaviours. An important skill at this stage is flexibility as you encourage your child to become independent and creative. Establish boundaries for your teenager, but encourage exploration at the same time.

Teens may question themselves in many areas, including their sexual orientation and gender identities.

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Because of what you learned when you developed your identity in the earlier stages of life, you may feel more prepared and more secure about the changes your child is going through. But if you did not work through these skills at earlier stages of life, you may feel threatened by your child's new developments. Flexibility in the roles each person plays in the family system is a valuable skill to develop at this stage. Responsibilities such as the demands of a job or caring for someone who is ill may require each person in the family to take on various, and sometimes changing, roles.

This is a time when one or more family members may feel some level of depression or other distress. It may also lead to physical complaints that have no physical cause somatization disorders such as stomach upsets and some headaches along with other stress-related disorders. Nurturing your relationship and your individual growth can sometimes be ignored at this stage. Toward the end of this phase, a parent's focus shifts from the maturing teen to career and relationship.

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Neglecting your personal development and your relationship can make this shift difficult. You also may begin thinking about your role in caring for aging parents. Making your own health a priority in this phase is helpful as you enter the next stage of the family life cycle. Specific goals during the stage of parenting adolescents include:. The stage of launching adult children begins when your first child leaves home and ends with the "empty nest.

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If your family has developed significant skills through the family life cycle , your children will be ready to leave home, ready to handle life's challenges. Free from the everyday demands of parenting, you may choose to rekindle your own relationship and possibly your career goals.

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Developing adult relationships with your children is a key skill in this stage. You may be challenged to accept new members into your family through your children's relationships. You may focus on reprioritizing your life, forgiving those who have wronged you maybe long ago , and assessing your beliefs about life. If you struggled with previous life phases, your children may not have learned from you all the skills they need to live well on their own.

If you and your partner have not transitioned together, you may no longer feel compatible with each other. But remember that you can still gain the skills you may have missed. Self-examination, education, and counselling can enhance your life and help ensure a healthy transition to the next phase. This is a time when your health and energy levels may decline.

Some people are diagnosed with chronic illnesses. Symptoms of these diseases can limit normal activities and even long-enjoyed pastimes.

The family development theory took three different phases in its development and refinement

Health issues related to mid-life may begin to occur and can include:. You may also be caring for aging parents in this phase, which can be stressful and affect your own health. Specific goals to reach at this stage include:. During the retirement phase of the family life cycle , many changes occur in your life.

Family Life Cycle

Welcoming new family members or seeing others leave your family is often a large part of this stage as your children marry or divorce or you become a grandparent. This stage can be a great adventure where you are free from the responsibilities of raising your children and can simply enjoy the fruits of your life's work. Challenges you may face include being a support to other family members, even as you are still exploring your own interests and activities or focusing on maintaining your relationship.

Many people are caring for elderly parents at this time. You may feel challenged by their emotional, financial, and physical needs while trying to help them keep their independence. You may experience declining physical and mental abilities or changes in your financial or social status. Sometimes you must deal with the death of other family members, including your partner.

The quality of your life, in part, depends on how well you adjusted to the changes in earlier stages. It often also depends on how well you have cared for your own health up to this point. Normal aging will affect your body, resulting in wrinkles, aches, pains, and loss of bone density. The chances of having a mental or chronic physical illness increases with age.

But aging does not mean you will automatically experience poor health. Retirement can be a fulfilling and happy time. Becoming a grandparent can bring you great joy without the responsibility of raising a child. But those who are without adequate support systems or not well off financially may have a more difficult time in this phase of life. Specific goals to reach for at this final stage of your family life cycle include:.

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    Top of the page. Topic Overview What is a family life cycle? The stages of the family life cycle are: Independence. Coupling or marriage. Parenting: babies through adolescents.

    Launching adult children. Retirement or senior years. Why is it important to understand the family life cycle? What can disrupt the normal cycle? How can I improve my family life cycle? Independence Stage Independence is the most critical stage of the family life cycle. In an intimate relationship, you learn about: Commitment.