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Resume : Many graduate programs ask you to submit a resume with your application. Your resume is a great place to highlight your leadership skills and experience.

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Essay : Some business schools ask you to write an application essay as part of the admissions process. In some cases, you will be given an essay prompt related to leadership experience.

Other times, you are allowed to choose your own essay topic. Discussing your leadership experience in an essay is a good way to show that you have leadership potential and the ability to bring something to class that may benefit your peers. Interview : Not every business school requires candidates to take part in an admissions interview , but some do. If you are asked to participate in an interview during the application process, you should expect at least one question about your leadership experience or leadership potential.

How have I motivated others? Have I ever improved the performance of others? Have I been able to make use of other people's talents and skills? How have I addressed or helped other people to address their mistakes? Have I ever marshaled resources to overcome a problem I discovered?


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In what way have I built on an organization's success? Management in business, organizations and even in politics is the function that coordinates the efforts of people to accomplish goals and objectives using available resources efficiently and effectively. Management comprises planning, organizing, staffing, leading or directing and controlling an organization or initiative to accomplish a goal.

Resourcing encompasses the deployment and manipulation of human resources, financial resources, technological resources, and natural resources.

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Leadership Decisions Whenever you see a successful business, someone once made a courageous decision, Goodreads, But how did he make these decisions as he made progress? Were there times he had to make decisions that he struggled with, and how did he. Leadership is an important aspect in any industry. Most people believe that leadership is important only in a business industry. Leaders are needed in all industries to help manage, direct and keep organization present in all areas.

A leader is described as someone who inspire others, leads by example, and work with others to achieve goals that benefit the organization in a work setting. There are many qualities a leader should possess which are honesty, communication, confidence, commitment to employees.

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Business Leadership Essay Words 7 Pages. A leader can be a manager, but a manager is not necessarily a leader. Leaders motivate, challenge, and influence others to achieve goals. Great leaders have the necessary skills and attributes which allow them to connect with the team and organization. Being a leader is not the same as managing an organization.

Leaders do not need to be a manager to lead people, but managers must know how to lead as well as manage. Each person in a company brings his or her own experiences, values, and beliefs to the …show more content…. Bova states that the following four characteristics are found in good leaders: they believe in open communication, they do not stick with the status quo, they are selective in what they measure, and they have passion for values and culture.

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Each characteristic is essential to a healthy organizational culture. Goizueta Business School clearly holds the leadership abilities and professional accomplishments of the former trustee after which it was named in high regard. However, the prompt itself makes no reference to values and does not request that applicants discuss a comparable achievement. The implication, we believe, is simply that the school has high expectations for the members of its community and seeks individuals who aspire to make a real impact on the world around them.

They are guided by their values and seek to create positive outcomes for others as well as themselves. Because you have only words for this essay, we recommend responding in a straightforward manner. Launch directly into the story of your leadership experience, detailing the specific actions you took in directing others to achieve your result.

Although we often note that not all great leadership stories end in success, in this case, you should discuss a situation that had a positive resolution. The key here is to show you shared a valuable experience with colleagues, extracted the most from your team members, and attained a desired outcome.

We recommend using a narrative approach for your story, but be sure to include the thought process and motivation s behind your actions.

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This way, the admissions committee will take away both a clear picture of what you accomplished and the aspects of your character that inspired you and helped enable your success. Lastly, do not forget or neglect to explain what you learned from the experience—the admissions committee specifically requests that you do so!

To craft a compelling response, you will need to give serious thought to how the situation made you aware of a facet of your character that you had not previously perceived. Your comments should last no more than 60 seconds and you have the option to re-record until you are satisfied, before submitting. First, try not to panic. Most MBA programs that include a video component in their applications do so to get a better idea of who their candidates are beyond the statistics in their files and the written words in their essays.

They are not looking for the next prime-time anchor or expecting an Oscar-worthy performance—they want to get a sense of your spoken communication style, personality, and perhaps demeanor. You want to speak as naturally as possible so that the admissions committee can get a feel for your character and bearing.