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How helpful is technology in the classroom? It is the kind of paper you would research before writing a problem solution essay.

Great exploratory essay examples

The examination exploratory includes all the probable questions that can be made by the author and by the reader in order to structure an outlook to the analyzed issue. In most other types of essay, the thesis will outline your main point or strongest argument. In an exploratory essay, you largely summarize or paraphrase using your own word the points you describe. Exploratory vs. Do the issue in question and the three arguments relate to each other?

An Exploratory Research..

Home how to write a book in pdf Elements of an exploratory essay. Exploratory papers take note of the varying audiences or people who might have an interest in the issue and hope to explore each different outlook while also making mention of any common grounds that might exist. More often than not, there are multiple sides of an issue that is expressed and debated.

This type of essay extends beyond the obvious answers and hopes to find more creative solutions. In order to be considered well-written and interesting, exploratory essays need to have an arguable questions. Weighted issues, or enduring issues, are linked to current issues and a resulting need.

How to Write a Thesis for an Exploratory Essay

For example, when questioned about how much taxes an individual should pay, the weighted issue might be a question of where the government will receive money when there is a need for a stable government that is capable of meeting the needs of the people. The body is has two parts.

The first is normally only a single paragraph explaining the problem or issue. The second is three or more paragraphs that are used to explain the various positions on the problem or topic. Remember to use some of the techniques or methods that you used in the introduction. Here are a few suggestions:. You might choose to take turns having each person share their own outline. Afterwards, the group should respond to questions, suggestions or comments. Here are some questions that should be answered:.

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The best way to improve your writing is by having someone else read it over and provide you with feedback. Find someone who can give you an independent evaluation of your assignment.

Have a friend read over your draft and respond to the following:. Remember, exploratory papers are not argumentative essays. Oftentimes, students will be asked to pen argumentative essays that offer a very specific viewpoint and are then asked to persuade readers to think the same way as they do. This is not the point of an explorative essay.

Instead, the goal is to look at things through multiple lenses, aiming to help readers come to a common ground. By clicking "Log In", you agree to our terms of service and privacy policy. We'll occasionally send you account related and promo emails.

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