Essay on role of media in promoting national integration

Eventually labor in big factories had to be forced to work at the point of bayonet. This served as an eye opener to the Russian leaders who found it absolutely essential to rouse the dormant patriotic sentiments of the Russian people by invoking their age old loyalty to motherland their heroic ancestors.

But within just two decades of its birth, the League of Nations was shattered into pieces on the rock of unbridled national ambitions and consequent conflicts. A more terrible war than all the previous ones besmirched the face of the earth with death and destruction. Our own experience in the case of Kashmir issue tells us that it is incapable of meting out injustice, of pulling up the erring members and bringing about an honorable amity among nations.

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We can thus conclude that nationalism cannot and should not be destroyed. Then the problem boils down to one of achieving a synthesis of national aspirations and world welfare. Synthesis lf various kinds have been, in fact, attempted from time to time in the past. Imperialism has sometimes been claimed to be one such large scale effort to eliminate conflicts between smaller nations by making them limbs of a single empire.

But as it was basically motivated by self-aggrandizement, leading to revolts by the subject nations against their oppression and exploitation, imperialism failed to eliminate the international conflicts. We can also understand from these cases that nations are not prepared to come together in a spirit of amity for the welfare of mankind. On the contrary, the national entities are getting more and more exclusive and their ambitions whetted day by day. However, we Hindus have a solution to offer. But our solution is not based on materialism. Why should they at all feel pained at the sight of man set against man?

Why should we at all love each other? There can also be no inner restraint in such beings which can make them control their selfishness from running amuck, in the interest of the humanity as a whole. After all, any arrangement evolved for achieving world welfare can be fruitful only to the extent the men behind it are inspired by real love for mankind which will enable them to mould their individual and national conduct in tune with the welfare of humanity.

Without that supreme urge, any scheme, however good its purpose may be, will only provide one more alluring mask for the aggrandizement of power-drunk stations. That has been the uniform verdict of history right up to the present times. Friends, India needs a free press, or media, in particular the poor of India need it. If public attention cannot be drawn to problems — such as deep alienation of our people in the North East or the plight of the tribal — the problems will not go away, in fact, they will fester and eventually blow up, blowing much of the country with them.

Pakistan, Iran and other countries provide the examples. The rich and the middle class are well organized and connected, they control and man the state; if the system is close tomorrow it will be closed on their behalf and to their advantage. They do not therefore need a free press as much as the poor do who though so numerous, are unorganized, divided and so manipulated. The country and the people need a free press even more than they did decades ago — during independence struggle, as other institutions that could ensure accountability — the legislature, the judiciary and so on — have become progressively ineffective.

India is one of the free societies in which free expression and discussion have the opportunity to make a difference.

National Integration Essay

There is scarcely a country outside North America and Western Europe that affords the media man the freedom we enjoy in India. Journalists or media people have far more power than individuals, far more power to influence events than any other profession. National Integration remains a crucial issue in India not withstanding the fact that we boast of a civilization, which is nearly 5, years old.

True, some of these diverse factors may be inherent in the history geography and culture of our country, but there are also forces that accentuate these factors. Religious fundamentalism is one such force while linguistics diversities constitute another. There are people in this country who hold an exclusive view of religion which drives them into sectarian frenzy that does not admit tolerance of other. Despite a shared culture of so many years, linguistics diversities have often generated tensions and conflicts among different communities threatening the fabric of national unity.

The same holds good for regionalism exacerbated no doubt by inequitable development amongst different region of this country. The printing press arrived in India at Goa by default.

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It was on its way from Africa, and since missionaries carrying the equipment fell sick the printing press stayed on in Goa. After the first newspaper was published, many other journals — all British owned — were produced, many of them with official patronage. Some had missionary orientation and were addressed to Indians, thus included publication in Indian languages. Among the missionaries who initiated newspaper publishing, Serampore journals are significant. The publications endeavored to counter the tirades of the missionaries and to educate the population about social reforms.

According to Rev. The question that is raised at the end of almost every seminar, convention or meeting about journalism is: why journalism becomes so insane and ineffectual?

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In a scenario where the state has ceased to acquit its bounder duty, where corruption has permeated to every levels and governance has collapsed, where the Legislature is divorced from its basic role and judiciary bursting at the seams with a back log of cases, where Executive is burden on the system, why do topics pertaining to the frivolities of societies take center stage? And when journalism manages somehow or other, to do its job, why is it that its intervention does not bear any fruit?

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Long and Short Essay on Importance of National Integration in English

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Essay on Importance of National Integration

Search for:. By continuing to use this website, you agree to their use. Is its presence so big that it overwhelms the local or national governing structures it is trying to nurture? Is it culturally knowledgeable and sensitive? If one of the components of nation-building is to nurture the further development of civil society, how does an outside organization interact with civil society? This brings us to our final question: can nation-building be done by external actors, or is it only effective when done by those whose nation is being built?

Nation-building is an evolutionary process. It takes a long time. One of the problems with outside actors is that they come and they go. While it may be considered useful for an outside military occupation or peacekeeping force to provide the temporary stability and security necessary in order to allow the process of nation-building to proceed, the question of whether this is the best method remains.

If a military stays too short a time, expectations of a dependable peace for the foreseeable future may not develop, and thus people will be unlikely to invest in the future. If, on the other hand, a military stays too long, people will rely on the security provided by outsiders and fail to develop their own institutions for providing it. The same questions may be asked about outside civilian actors, whether a single state, a regional organization, a global organization, or an NGO.

While a significant influx of resources may be necessary, especially in the period immediately following a violent conflict, the right amount, the right methods, and the right length of time are critical. In general, it appears that nation-building is best left in the hands of those whose nation it is or will be, and that outside organizations support, rather than direct, nation-building.

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  • The nation-builders to bet on are those refugee families piled onto the brightly painted Pakistani trucks moving up the dusty roads, the children perched on the mattresses, like Mowgli astride the head of an elephant, gazing toward home. The nation-builders to invest in are the teachers, especially the women who taught girls in secret during the Taliban years.

    I met one in an open-air school right in the middle of Kabul's most destroyed neighborhood. She wrote her name in a firm, bold hand in my notebook, and she knew exactly what she needed: chalk, blackboards, desks, a roof and, God willing, a generation of peace.

    At her feet, on squares of U. Arguing for the importance of indigenous nation-building does not mean that outside actors should ignore the process.

    Importance of National Integration Essay

    If an outside military is to be involved, it must be funded and supplied sufficiently so that it can bring order and security following conflict. Or it must stay out. Similarly, if there is to be outside civilian involvement, whether state-based, IGO or NGO, it must also have sufficient funding and technical skills in order to provide what is needed and to stay the course.

    Arguing for the indignity of the process should not be an excuse for exiting the process where there is need for outside help.